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Chandni Gulati


Painting for me has always been an expression, a throw of emotions, a medium that portrayed my state of mind or the situations that I was surrounded with.

I completed my schooling from Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi and Graduated in Bachelors in Fine Art from College of Art New Delhi specialising in Painting.

Most People react to situations in a way they are conditioned, I want to attempt in breaking those perceptions and get the real feelings out through my canvas because I feel that the most wonderful things lie in the most ordinary, Beauty lies in simplicity of the most basic daily activities that we tend to overlook or take for granted. 

I paint what I think, and thus my art becomes extremely personal. I make my compositions in accordance to me in some way or the other. My basic idea behind any artwork is CONNECT - if you lack connect with your work there will be zero satisfaction, and thus my artwork is liberating for me.
Most of my paintings move around the daily cravings of the most ordinary and relatable thing - FOOD and TEA. Through my paintings I try to capture the beauty of the little moments in the process of making and serving the source of our survival. You will also find a reflection of me and my addiction for tea,which is the so called medicine to every disease and a solution to all problems.
My works will also reflect my love for kitchen utensils, I Believe all the utensils and vessels are an essential part of preparing food and can make a lovely composition when put together aesthetically.
I work on multiple canvases to show different techniques and I'm sure you will have a sudden urge to snack or sip a cup of tea with a mere glance at my work.

Not only Food and tea, but i also try to express my thoughts and current situations through my works in different mediums, I try convey my thoughts in a very direct manner so that it connects with the onlooker easily.




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