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Let it be”, is what the heart says, keeping all the painful secrets inside, when the mind wants an outburst  … We often come across situations where we want to vent out our bottled griefs but the heart says no, because words when spoken can never be taken back and most of the times while venting out we tend to be a bit more blunt than actually required to make ourselves clear .. The heart is selfless and knows that if spoken incorrectly, we’ll be stuck in the well of misconceptions and misunderstandings… so it’s better to keep shut than to raise our voice and explain the plight we go through … The “Let it be” is where we forget that where we actually stand .. We make our own reputation, we make our own standards… Silence is the greatest punishment, and also the loudest cry… Just don’t let it be, but let it go with the flow. Don’t lose yourself, in the Let it be spree.

Within this battle of the heart and the brain, it’s the relationships and emotions that suffer. There may come different situations where we need to act in a very different way. ‘Letting it be’ sometimes may hamper the inner self but may also save a relation tied long. But at times there is a need to speak up and open up those chapters so that you can get a new start for your life, it may cause changes, but for the good.

To decide between letting it be and reacting or speaking up, we have to give ourselves a certain solitude and time to think.

Sometime back I came across a situation where I did not take time to think but reacted in way I shouldn’t have , I just burst out and did not let myself decide between the wrong and the right, it caused a lot of problems and misunderstandings , made my relations very sour . But the good thing is that I learnt from it, I learnt to give myself time to act and react.

Reacting and acting upon the unseen and unheard is one thing that most of the people do now-a-days. It is one thing that often ruin things, it may be the root cause of broken relations and misconceptions. We often, without thinking, just react and later repent, reacting may be a smaller word I should use the word ‘OVER REACT

This is the characteristic of being judgmental, one of the major drawbacks one could have. Being judgmental, we make perceptions and ideas without thinking or prior knowledge about a person or anything for that matter, we behave and act in the same way as we have perceived the image of that person or thing

Rightly said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, the cover might seem very attractive from its exterior look, but who knows that the matter inside could be complete rubbish, or complete opposite of what we had perceived while having our eyes set on the cover, vice-versa the cover might not be that attractive and the interior matter might be very informative and beautiful to know. In the same way one should never perceive or judge the Homo sapiens with its exterior appearance… it is said the diamond always erupts in a coal mine.

There may be continuous efforts from all sides to create wrong perceptions about something or someone, but that is another topic altogether but believing in that without ourselves being assured  won’t be the right thing , So reacting on what u haven’t seen and acting on what u haven’t heard should be avoided.. We should not misjudge things. We are not similar everyone has different perceptions ideas and ways to live their lives , judging them on that wouldn’t be right and acting in a negative way would be wrong too …

Reactions could be both positive and negative, what we have to do is, take time and identify what to do and when!

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